[Fontinst] A question about reglyphfont

kmc kmc.best at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 20:22:08 CEST 2009

Thanks Lars for the explanation, the font get installed and your words also
inspired me to get the oldstyle figures out in dtpj. Except that the
oldstyle figures are named "one/two/three.textoldstyle" in order to be
distinguished from "one/two/three.taboldstyle" etc. So what I did is edit
t1cj.etx, change \setcommand\digit#1{#1oldstyle} to
\setcommand\digit#1{#1.textoldstyle} and save it under another encoding
file, etc.

2009/10/7 Pierre MacKay <pierre.mackay at comcast.net>

> .., it is a good idea to try the result out on the latest Adobe Reader.
>  You may find that your work simply results in an unusable PDF unless you
> subscribe to Adobe. com. For the moment, I have to do so, but that still
> does not answer the question of the loss of archival PDFs.
> Pierre MacKay

I didn't seem to come across the problem using Acrobat Pro, and Acrobat
Reader 9 under Linux. To my experience, PDFs generated by pdfLaTeX are
highly compatible.

I've uploaded a test file on Rapidshare proofing the DinText font that, you
can see if your Reader can get it correctly displayed.

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