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Tue Oct 6 10:35:51 CEST 2009


I've been playing with fontinst for a while, now I'm stuck on some converted
font. When I convert (using Fontlab or Transtype) a complex opentype font to
type1, the resulting pfb and afm will contain even the smallcap and oldstyle
glyphs. In a traditional fontinst approach, however, one needs to have SC
and OSF glyphs in separate pfb files to make them working. It'll require
much care if I try to extract these glyphs and create separate SC and OSF
fonts, let alone extract the kerning info from afm file.

Then I came with the idea about reglyphfonts : Say I have a font DinTextPro
(dtp) converted to Type1, named dtpr8a.pfb, which contains SC glyphs as
Asmall, Bsmall, etc. What if I rename the [Asmall, Bsmall, ..., Zsmall] in
to [a, b, ..., z] and reglyph it to dtprc8a.pfb? That goes like this in the
drive file:


(I don't know if the killglyph command is necessary but I've tested w/ and
w/o killglyph, none of them worked)

and install as


When compiling, the dtprc8r.mtx did came out, but once installed, it didn't
work (\textsc{} command resulted in normal glyphs, not SC glyphs).

Is what I did wrong? Please help me, thank you!
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