[Fontinst] Kerning of the dotlessi

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at residenset.net
Mon Aug 25 11:58:05 CEST 2008

Plamen Tanovski skrev:
> Hi,
> I had to typeset some turkish last days and I've realized, that there
> is no kerning regarding the dotlessi, so "Y\i lmaz" looks suboptimal.
> The files in the latinmtx folder don't have any kerning commands for
> the dotlessi.

Funny -- before your mail I could have sworn latin.mtx did


(it does this with all sorts of other letters, so why not dotlessi?), 
but perhaps it was dotlessI that clouded my memory.

However, after searching through several hierarchies of 
fontinst-related files for dotlessi, I have encountered several 
\setkerns for it, so maybe it has been considered a letter already 
kerned by the foundry. Or maybe it was never used that much by fontinst 

> My first suggestion was: let the dotlessi kern on its left and right
> like a "n". 

On the left hand side that should work fine. On the right hand side one 
could imagine there being e.g. n-u kerns that are inappropriate for 
dotlessi-u, though.

> MinionPro have e.g.:
> KPX Y dotlessi -90
> KPX Y n -90
> KPX Y u -99
> The problem with this is, that there are no many kerning pairs with
> "n" in the most fonts. For example, Adobe Stempel Garamond Roman
> doesn't have a kerning pair Y-n. 

Sådan Ynkedom! :-)

> All the Y- pairs are:
> KPX Y A -74
> KPX Y a -74
> KPX Y colon -92
> KPX Y comma -111
> KPX Y e -74
> KPX Y hyphen -92
> KPX Y i -37
> KPX Y o -74
> KPX Y p -74
> KPX Y period -111
> KPX Y q -74
> KPX Y semicolon -92
> KPX Y u -74
> KPX Y v -55
> Since Y-dotlessi seems to be a very common pair in turkish, maybe
> llbuild.mtx should include something like:
> \ifiskern{Y}{n}\then
>   \setkern{Y}{dotlessi}{\kerning{Y}{n}}
> \Else
>   \setkern{Y}{dotlessi}{\kerning{Y}{u}}

The Y-p kern could also be taken as template.

> \Fi
> \setleftkerning{dotlessi}{n}{1000}
> \setrightkerning{dotlessi}{n}{1000}

Hmm... it should be easy to create a command 
\ifhasleftkerning{<glyph>}\then to test if kerning exists. Many 
\set(left|right)kerning commands should probably be conditionalised 
that way.

> This lets me to the idea to maybe introduce language-specific mtx-files,
> where people can put the desired kerning adjustment for their language.

Not a bad idea, but it depends on people making contributions. 
Development has been slow the last couple of years.

Lars Hellström

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