[Fontinst] Putting "stuff" in \declaresize

Plamen Tanovski pgt at arcor.de
Mon Jul 21 12:43:56 CEST 2008


I use \declaresize to put macros as size funcitons in the font
definition files like this:

\declaresize{}{<-> \string\GSMTPRO at scale }

This works but I want to know generally how one can control the
expansion and the verbatim writing in the .fd file for the second
parameter of \declaresize. The definition
\def\declaresize#1#2{\x_cs\edef{siz-#1}{#2}} doesn't explain much to
me. For example, my first try was using \noexpand like
\declaresize{}{<-> \noexpand\GSMTPRO at scale }, but then \GSMTPRO at scale
was expanded neverthenless in the .fd file.

Best regards,

Plamen Tanovski
Prager Str. 125
04317 Leipzig
Tel. (03 41) 3 08 57 60

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