[Fontinst] Need help with Hoefler Text Type1

Robin Schwab contact at robinschwab.ch
Sat Aug 25 14:22:03 CEST 2007

John D Lamb schrieb:
> Typically I get about one overfull hbox every 3-5 pages. Here are some
> of the methods of reducing them.

> 1. Use the microtype package. The default setting allows for 2% stretch
> ...
> 2. Try using the babel package if hyphenation is not working well and
> ...
> 3. Look for words, especially names, in an overfull line that could be
> hyphenated and put in a discretionary hyphen \- (or even force a
> ...
> 4. Use \allowbreak, especially \allowbreak[4], to strongly encourage a
> ...
> 5. Change the wording a little if you can. For example, I might change
> ...

Hi John

Number 5 is new to me, thanks. Those methods take a lot of time in a 
book with many 100 pages. That's why I'm still looking for the fontinst 
command giving me about the same number of overfull boxes with Hoefler 
Text than with any other font. Any suggestions?



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