[Fontinst] Need help with Hoefler Text Type1

Robin Schwab contact at robinschwab.ch
Thu Aug 23 16:58:24 CEST 2007

Thanks John and Lars for the help provided. Hoefler text is now working with
switchable hanging and lining figures, ligatures and swashes.

However I'm not shure wether it is a good idea to use the expert superscript
figures for endnotes. What do you think?

Zitat von Lars Hellström <Lars.Hellstrom at residenset.net>:

> > Second thing is that I get twice as much overfull boxes with hoefler
> > text as with latin modern. It looks like the elasticity of the spaces 
> > is
> > wrong.
> That's easy enough to check: what does the FONTDIMEN section in the 
> generated VPL files say? You might also want to compare with the number 
> of overfull boxes for Times; as I recall it, Computer Modern and 
> derivatives have wider spaces than postscript fonts tend to have.

This is now the biggest problem. See http://www.robinschwab.ch/60.pdf for a
sample page. I get an average of 0.77 box errors per page in latin modern, 0.80
with times but 1.55 with Hoefler text. What's the reason?

Using microtype helps a lot but I still get ~150 box errors. I guess if I have
Hoefler text at the level of latin modern and then use microtype I will have
close to zero hbox errors.

This is my fontimen section:
   (PARAMETER D 1 R 0.000)
   (PARAMETER D 2 R 0.215)
   (PARAMETER D 3 R 0.129)
   (PARAMETER D 4 R 0.052)
   (PARAMETER D 5 R 0.425)
   (PARAMETER D 6 R 1.000)
   (PARAMETER D 7 R 0.052)
   (PARAMETER D 8 R 0.688)
   (PARAMETER D 9 R 0.721)
   (PARAMETER D 10 R 0.887)
   (PARAMETER D 11 R 0.265)
   (PARAMETER D 12 R 0.925)
   (PARAMETER D 13 R 0.318)
   (PARAMETER D 14 R 0.526)
   (PARAMETER D 16 R 1.200)

> Another reason could be that hyphenation is turned off for this font 
> (\hyphenchar set to -1), but I can't see why that would happen.

ACK, it's on.

Another thing: John talked about including kernings. How do I see which kernings
are missing? I can't check every letter combination nor do I have the experience
to tell which amount of kerning is good.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Robin

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