[Fontinst] Berry font family codes wanted

Michael A Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sat Feb 10 08:34:46 CET 2007

Hello. There are two font families I am using in LaTeX that I would like
to have the two character "family codes" reserved for, if possible.

The first:

Lucida Mono

This is a monospace font similar to the classic Apple Macintosh font
"Monaco". It is designed by B&H and currently being distributed in Type
1 format by E+F and possibly some other font foundries.

The two character name I am using for the font on my TeX is install is

I purchased the fonts from myfonts.com where they are packaged by E+F.
The Berry names I am using for the four faces are thus:

Roman          --> 2lmr8a
RomanItalic    --> 2lmri8a
Bold           --> 2lmb8a
BoldItalic     --> 2lmbi8a

This font is not part of the Lucida fonts distributed by Y&Y and now
tug.org but it integrates very nicely with them as a substitute for
Lucida Sans Typewriter.

The font family can be viewed at:


The Second:


This is a script font similar to but I think better than Comic Sans MS.
It is being distributed by Typotheticals through myfonts.com. To the
best of my knowledge, the designer of the font (Graham Meade) either
owns typotheticals or designs for them.

The font unfortunately does not have a bold or bold oblique face, but it
really is not a suitable font for using as a default roman family in a
document, so that is not a hinderance. It is good for use with sketches
and diagrams. I am using it in a project as the text font on diagrams
created in dia and exported to LaTeX. It also is a very inexpensive

The two character name I am using in my LaTeX install is pk.
The Berry names I am using for the six faces are:

Phollick                 --> fpkr8a
PhollickOblique          --> fpkro8a
PhollickCompact          --> fpkr8an
PhollickCompactOblique   --> fpkro8an
PhollickExpand           --> fpkr8ae
PhollickExpandOblique    --> fpkro8ae

I'm not sure I have proper width letter for the compact and expand
versions according to the standard of what the letters mean, but I'm
fairly certain that pk is not currently is use by another font.

The font family can be viewed at:


Thank you,

Michael A. Peters

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