[Fontinst] New LAO encoding for typesetting Lao language

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Apr 25 09:28:52 CEST 2006

> I recently engaged myself in using LaTeX to produce a PDF document
> in the Lao language.  Since I did not find any suitable encoding I
> felt myself forced to write lao.etx, lao.enc, laoenc.def etc files
> to get the work done.

Please send me the stuff.  Since support for Lao is almost identical
to Thai support I could include it into the Thai framework of my CJK

> The LAO encoding that I created works with TrueType fonts (converted to
> Type 1) such as Saysettha, Alice, XiengThong etc, where the Lao
> characters are in the Unicode range 0x0e80-0x0eff and ligatures for tone
> mark and vowel combinations are in the Unicode private range starting at
> 0xE000.
> There are still some small things to do on the kerning of the tone marks
> and vowel signs, but these may be font specific so I did not put more
> than necessary (ie ligatures) into the etx-file.

Have you read my article on Thai in TUGBoat?


AFAIK, Lao does something similar, so it should be solvable within
TeX.  The current Thai implementation can be found in the CJK package


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