[Fontinst] Problem with ambiguity Lira/afii08941

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Thu Dec 30 17:18:25 CET 2004

At 15.56 +0100 04-12-30, Peter Dyballa wrote:
>I'm trying to install the Lucida fonts that come with Java in TeX. I
>think my last problem in the text section is with TS1: some font files
>have the name Lira and some have the name afii08941 for the same glyph
>at Unicode position 20A4, that Sterling with two strokes. How can I
>make fontinst recognize both names and put that glyph into the TS1

The handling of e.g. Ng and Eng in latin.mtx shows how to do this. As a
one-off command in an \installfont command, you can write


It needs to be done before textcomp.mtx is read, because that file does

Lars Hellström

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