[Fontinst] Problems in ot1i.etx and ot1j.etx

Walter Schmidt w.a.schmidt at gmx.net
Wed Nov 24 16:28:47 CET 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 15:55:10 +0100, Peter Dyballa wrote:

>ot1i.etx starts early setting italicizing to 1. After the first 
>if/else it reports the default is 0.


ot1i.etx issues \setint{italicizing}{1}; then it \inputs ot1.etx.
The latter files say \setint{italicizing}{0}, which is ignored, 
since the variable is already initialized.  Finally, the value 1 
causes a pounds sign in the slot where normally the dollar resides.  
A strange feature, but that's how Knuth made the italics in his
CM fonts, and the definition of the OT1 encoding had to adopt it.

Did you actually create a font using ot1i and ended up with a $ 
rather than with a pounds sign in it? 

>ot1j.etx is not a new encoding but an elder version of ot1.etx?

No, "j" means that oldstyle numbers (oneoldstyle, twoldstyle...) 
are to be used in a font with this character set, rather than 
"normal" ones (one, two, three...).   NB: From LaTeX's point of 
view the resulting font has just "OT1" encoding, of course.
Ditto t1j.etx vs t1.etx.


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