[Fontinst] Re-encoded ligatures and searching

Jonathan Sprinkle sprinkle at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 19 20:25:57 CEST 2004


I have been playing with fonts for some weeks now, and with tex/latex for
about a year.

I have a font created by Goudy for the University of California identify in
the 1930s, and encoded as a TTF by Beatty designs in 1995. The trouble is,
Beatty designs is a bunch of hacks when it comes to encoding the font.

Many of the great ligatures (ffl, ffi, ff, ft, tt) are encoded as
'integral', 'greaterthan', or other such ludicrous spots. My problem is
this: that when I created my goudy.mtx file to reset the glyphs to be the
ones I wanted, now if I search for "different" in a generated PDF file, the
word is not found, because it is actually "di\integral\erent"

I should add that I do not execute the goudy.mtx when installing my raw
fonts (the 8r encoding that I derive from the TTF-generated AFM file), but
only when creating the t1 encoding.

Should I perform my remapping of the ligatures in another place, or will I
be forced to modify the TTF in order to make this work? 


 Jonathan Sprinkle, Ph.D.
 sprinkle at eecs.berkeley.edu

 Visiting PostDoc
 Electrical Engineering &
   Computer Sciences
 University of California, Berkeley

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