[Fontinst] Compile error when generating LY1 ITC LegacySans

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Tue Jul 20 16:06:24 CEST 2004

At 10.48 +0200 04-07-20, Ulrich Dirr wrote:
>I'm trying to setup fontinst for ITC LegacySans. I've already
>generated/tested it successfully with T1 encoding. In addition I want
>the TeX fonts with LY1 encoding. But I always got error messages :-(
>Maybe someone can help me?
>My drive file looks like (later I want to expand the installfont
>commands by extra kerning data files etc.):
>\input finstmsc.sty

That should be


since the encoding name is 8y as far as fontinst is concerned. However this
would only be needed if you reencoded (\reencodefont) to 8y, which you
don't do in that driver file.

>\input ilz-map
>My log file looks like:
>\openout0 = `ilzki8y.vpl'.
>! Missing control sequence inserted.
><inserted text>
>                \inaccessible
><to be read again>
>                   1
><argument> ...f \1.0pt-ilzk8a =\font_count \xdef 1
>\sixth_of_six #1#2#3#4#5#6->#6
>\do_slot ...\slot_name \then \mapfonts \slot_name
>                                                  \fi
>l.135 \setslot{dotaccent}
>? e

OK, that's a weird error. However when I test your driver file (letting ptm
substitute for ilz) I don't get it, so there must be something different at
your end. Are there any hacks that you're using? It looks as though
\saved_mapfont has been \vpl_mapfont at a time when it is supposed to be

One thing you can try is to create a file test.etx with the following contents


\expandafter\show \csname g-fraction\endcsname
\expandafter\show \csname g-dotaccent\endcsname


and change {8y} in the \installfont for ilzki8y to {test,8y}. This will
show what the \mapfonts information of the glyph really is, which should
help in tracking down what goes wrong.

>No pages of output.
>Besides that I don't know if the fake bold & bolditalic smallcaps font
>will work (there's only a t1c file and no ly1c),

If you have a look at t1c.etx, you should be able to see how to make a ly1c.

>my assumption was
>that with LY1 encoding I don't need to first transform fonts from 8a
>to 8r. Maybe someone can clarify this too.

That will probably not help much. The reason one reencodes from 8a to 8r is
that many common glyphs are not accessible in the 8a encoding, and what
encoding you use for the virtual font built on top makes no difference for
that. The step that the proponents of LY1 usually want to get rid of is the
virtual font rather than the reencoding.

Lars Hellström

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