[Fontinst] Compile error when generating LY1 ITC LegacySans

Walter Schmidt w.a.schmidt at gmx.net
Tue Jul 20 14:28:19 CEST 2004

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 10:48:52 +0200, Ulrich Dirr wrote:

>I'm trying to setup fontinst for ITC LegacySans. I've already
>generated/tested it successfully with T1 encoding. In addition I want
>the TeX fonts with LY1 encoding. But I always got error messages :-(

I'm unsure whether this is the source of your trouble,
but LY1 encoded fonts can be created by simply reencoding 
from 8a to 8y and supplying the fontdimens and ligature
data, for instance:


Notice \installrawfont rather than \installfont!  There are 
no VFs involved (expect for faked smallcaps and such.)

>Besides that I don't know if the fake bold & bolditalic smallcaps font
>will work (there's only a t1c file and no ly1c), my assumption was
>that with LY1 encoding I don't need to first transform fonts from 8a
>to 8r. Maybe someone can clarify this too.

Hmmm... yes, why shouldn't it be possible to build an 8y encoded 
VF with faked smallcaps upon base fonts, which are reencoded from 
8a to 8y?   But I suppose you would have to write your own mtx and 
etx files for that purpose.

Btw, the LY1 encoding was invented particularly to avoid the 
use of virtual fonts, with respect to the Y&Y-TeX system.
Now that this system is apparently dead, who needs LY1 still?


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