[Fontinst] Simple question about \xscalefont{}{}

Duraid Madina duraid at octopus.com.au
Mon Jun 28 23:51:43 CEST 2004

Lars Hellström wrote:
> However, since you are using fontinst on the \latinfamily (which is a
> generic just-make-all-the-fonts-in-this-family command) level, you will
> probably find it easier to use the \fakenarrow directive to \latinfamily.

Thanks Lars! That worked well, but wasn't quite what I was expecting. 
The characters are all narrower now, but the empty space between them 
has grown - I can't fit any more characters on a line than I could 

Is there a different (or perhaps further) command I should use to 
horizontally scale the _entire_ typeface, glyphs and spaces alike?


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