[Fontinst] extension of \etxtoenc

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Jun 23 14:27:29 CEST 2004

[fontinst 1.926]

. While the third argument of \installrawfont (and \installfont) can
  take a list of ETX files, \etxtoenc currently can't.  Please add
  this feature to \etxtoenc so that I can customize the creation of
  the ENC file as with \installrawfont.

  BTW, what do you think about adding an optional argument to
  \etxtoenc, specifying the name of the PS encoding?  Currently, I do


  which I've found only after looking into the sources. I would like
  to write this:


. Another (minor) problem is the classification of glyphs in AFM files
  with \setrawglyph and \setnotglyph.  I switch this off since I
  always provide a custom encoding vector.  Currently, I do

    \let\setnotglyph \setrawglyph

  in the fontinst control file.  Is there a better, `official' way?

. In combination with the last item I find it surprising that there
  apparently is no easy way in fontinst to activate warning messages
  for missing glyphs.  For example, if glyph `foo' is wanted in the
  ETX file, and the MTX file(s) doesn't provide it, fontinst silently
  goes on.  I have to use this ugly hack in the control file:


. Finally, I suggest to suppress the creation of foo.pl in
  \installrawfont while fontinst is reading foo.afm (creating only
  foo.mtx) -- since no virtual font is created, there is no need for a
  ligature-less base font.


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