[Fontinst] Adding a TTF to the normal font installation

Stephen C. Lipp stephen.lipp at edi-nola.com
Thu May 6 16:40:36 CEST 2004

Let me outline the method I came up with for this problem:

1.  At the DOS prompt, run ttf2afm to create the *.afm files, following the Berry naming conventions.
2.  Put a fontinst TeX file in the afm directory to create the font family.  Run this TeX file.
3.  Run vptovf on all the *.vpl files.  Put the *.vf and *.tfm files where they belong.
4.  Run pltotf on all the *.pl files.  Put the *.tfm files where they belong (which is debatable).
5.  Update the font name database in the shell which runs TeX.  Run the LaTeX file which uses the relevant font(s).  The font inclusion in the YaP file should be poor, due to missing *.pk files at the appropriate scaled sizes.
6.  Manually create the *.pk files scaled appropriately using ttf2pk.

I am not certain that all these steps are necessary; I only know what worked.

Stephen C. Lipp
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