[Fontinst] typo in resetsc.mtx

David Dickey mantella at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 11 19:06:22 CEST 2004

The current version of resetsc.mtx on ctan
has the following typo:

The second Xsmall should of course be Ysmall.

While examining the file, I also noticed a couple of other things, but 
I'm not really expert enough on fontinst to know if these are as they 
should be:

First, the kerning pairs are not renamed except for a-z. Why not for the 
entire set of smallcaps characters?

Second, there are no f-ligs. Many sc fonts do have at least FIsmall and 
FLsmall (as fi and fl). Are these substitutions missing intentionally? 
Admittedly, these are not really (afaik) real ligatures, but they do 
usually occur in SCOsF fonts. Are f-ligatures faked in small caps fonts? 
I can imagine that if one used some package to letterspace the 
smallcaps, you wouldn't want to use the ligatures as such, but the same 
would be true of any ligatures, so surely any such package would make 
provisions to turn off ligaturing, wouldn't it?

Finally, aren't the stand-alone accents in smallcaps fonts scaled to the 
lowercase (=smallcaps) ? They are in the font I'm trying to install. 
Should they be renamed as:
breve Brevesmall
caron Caronsmall
cedilla Cedillasmall
dieresis Dieresissmall
dotaccent Dotaccentsmall
macron Macronsmall
ogonek Ogoneksmall
ring Ringsmall



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