[Fontinst] Adding unencoded glyph

Hilmar Schlegel hschlegel at ubcom.de
Wed Mar 31 15:39:28 CEST 2004

Ulrich Dirr wrote:
> I'm trying to setup fontinst for Linotype Helvetica Neue. Everything
> is working quiet nice except that I'm obviously too stupid to get the
> 'currency' glyph. The point is that Linotype as encoded the Euro twice
> as 'Euro' and 'currency'. The original currency sign is stored as
> 'oldcurrency'. Of course when generating the text companion fonts I
> want both characters. 

Rename the characters in the font program (and metrics) accordingly!
Rename oldcurrency -> currency, and drop the second Euro. (fixes the 
silly fonts for further use)

A quick'n dirty solution is simply to only reencode the font to place 
oldcurrency in the position where TexBase1 has currency...
(fixes use of LT-TexBase1 fonts - what is obviously the problem here)

BTW, it is rather pointless to use Euro from a specific font.

Another way would be to request from Linotype a *functional* font 
program (correct naming of characterstrings) and use a pre-Euro version 
of Helvetica Neue. You can then set up the new version as supplementary 
font to just provide Euro (or whatever "improvements" you might like).
It would be interesting to see how frequent the supplementary font is 
accessed in real-world documents;-)
(this might be work most easy and consistent)

Hope it helps

Hilmar Schlegel


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