[Fontinst] problem with 8y.etx

Paul Pichaureau paulp at nerim.net
Wed Dec 10 16:49:56 CET 2003

  I'm trying to use the 8y.etx file (texnansi encoding vector).

  I am very surprised  to find the command


in many place. This command seems to be undocumented. I found no
information in the source neither in the 'regular' documentation.

Can someone explain the purpose and the usage of this command ?

My exact problem is when I try to reencode a font:


I obtain an uncorrect putr8y.mtx file: many char are in a wrong slot.

It seems that each time a \ifdirect is read in the *.etx file a slot
is automatically added.

I don't know if i'm clear, but I will appreciate any information about

Thanks a lot.

 Paul Pichaureau                    http://paulp.nerim.net

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