[Fontinst] FAMILY not specified in *.vpl files

Paul Pichaureau paulp at nerim.net
Tue Dec 9 14:01:49 CET 2003


  In a standard fontinst run, vpl files are produced. These file are
converted in *.tfm and *.vf file using vptovf

  I have converted one of the tfm file produced in this way into a pl
file. In the first line of this pl file I read :


  On the other hand, the first lines of a correct pl file look like :

(FACE O 352)

I think fontinst should have a command to specify the FAMILY name of
the font produced. It's only a matter of consistency... perhaps it's
totally useless ?

 Paul Pichaureau                    http://paulp.nerim.net

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