[Fontinst] trouble with LY1encoding

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Mon Dec 8 17:31:50 CET 2003

At 16.39 +0100 2003-12-08, I wrote:
>Having done some testing on the files you posted, I have narrowed the bug
>down to the phase of \etx_to_pl that writes the LIGKERN table. It is
>possible that there is some bug there which only shows up for encodings
>with repeated glyphs, but so far the bug remains uncaught.

Actually, it was a bug in 8y.etx. It does say


      \comment{The English opening single quote mark `\,\textquoteleft\,'.}

      \comment{The English closing single quote mark `\,\textquoteright\,'.}


      \comment{The English opening double quote mark `\,\textquotedblleft\,'.}

but of course the \setslot{145} and \setslot{147} should be \nextslot{145}
and \nextslot{147}. Still, fontinst can be modified (trivial change in
\make_ligtable) to better confine such typos, so that they don't cause
havok troughout.

Lars Hellström

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