[Fontinst] trouble with LY1encoding

Walter Schmidt w.a.schmidt at gmx.net
Mon Dec 8 14:18:45 CET 2003


when trying to install ly1-encoded fonts using fontinst 1.926,
I got strange results:  Any metrics file created by \installrawfont
would inherit the kerning pairs of all fonts installed before.
Furthermore, the log file ended with:

  (\end occurred inside a group at level 4)

The fontinst script used was:

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% snip %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\input fontinst.sty




%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% snap %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

I have never experienced this problem when using 8r instead 
of ly1.  Am I doing anything wrong, or is ly1.mtx or .etx 

FYI:  A ZIP archive including the script, the AFMs and  the 
.pl files created is available:  


any help or enlightenment is appreciated;

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