[Fontinst] Installation of Garamond Condensed

Sebastian Ahrens ahrens at geniusbytes.com
Sun Oct 19 14:51:45 CEST 2003

Hi Philipp,

thanks for your tip, actually that line was exactly what I found out 
per accident yesterday. I just did not understand why the installation 
routines worked seamlessly with the Adobe Garamond Pro but with the ITC 
Garamond Condensed the sty and fd files that were generated will only 
work if I add that renewcommand line you were proposing. Anyway it 
works and that should be enough at the moment.

best regards


> Do you happen to type "\pgm" in the preamble? Latex does all the font
> setup at \begin{document}, so it would overide this. That's why you'd
> normally use something like this in a style file:
> \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{pgm}
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