[Fontinst] T2A Minion

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Sat Sep 6 16:19:58 CEST 2003

Lars Hellström wrote:
> You probably should make up your mind as to whether you want to make
> a virtual font or not. 
> If you choose to not make a virtual font, you have to reencode the
> raw font to the desired encoding and that font furthermore has to
> contain all the glyphs you want to use. Point 2 above works in that
> direction. 
> If you choose to make a virtual font, then you can combine as many
> base fonts as you like into it. Point 3 above works in this
> direction, combining the base fonts pmnrz, pmnr8r, and pmnr8x.

Ok, now I got it.

> As there is no need to match base font encodings to the final
> encoding when making a virtual font, one instead usually tries to
> expose as many glyphs as possible from the base font, even if that
> means the glyphs aren't in such positions that they are immediately
> useful. Compare 8r (raw encoding) with T1 and TS1 (the recommended
> encodings for typesetting). In your case here, it would probably be
> more useful to reencode pmnr6w to 6r or the X2 encoding than to T2A,
> as that could also be used as base for T2B and T2C encoded virtual
> fonts. 

\input fontinst.sty
\input fnstcorr
\input cyralias
       #1\csname g-#2\expandafter\endcsname
      #1\csname g-#2-not\expandafter\endcsname
%  \else
% error: glyph not set

I have to use X2 to get all glyphs from pmnr6w. If I use 6r instead
then 'cyrflex', 'dblGrave', and 'cyrschwa' are missing.

Additionally I have to modify the MAP file to include
pmnr6r MinionCyr-Regular <X2.enc <pmnr6w.pfb " fontinst-autoenc-X2
ReEncodeFont "

I'm also wondering why 'CYROTLD', 'cyrotld'---which look like
'afii10147' and 'afii10195' in Adobe Minion---aren't encoded. They
definitely look more like a barred O than CYRFITA/cyrfita (as cyralias

Also 'CYRY' could be taken from 'Y', and 'cyrshha' from 'h', couldn't

A last point. Adobe Minion has two variants of the same cyrillic
accent like dblGrave/dblgrave, cyrFlex/cyrflex. Probably that doesn't
mind if they only differ in their position but, e.g., 'dblGrave' is
different to 'dblgrave' (the slope is more flat to match the uppercase
chars better). But the TeX/fontinst files seems not to make any
difference here.

Best regards,
Ulrich Dirr

P.S. some small typos

LaTeX Warning: You have requested package `',
               but the package provides `fontinst'.

LaTeX Warning: You have requested package `',
               but the package provides `trig'.

LaTeX Warning: You have requested package `',
               but the package provides `fontinst'.

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