[Fontinst] Problem generating OT2 Minion Cyrillic

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Wed Sep 3 15:49:45 CEST 2003

At 15.26 +0200 2003-09-02, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
>"UD" == Ulrich Dirr writes:
> UD> I found the reason why the ligatures doesn't work. In ot2.etx I
> UD> have to let \wnlig = \ligature: % a hook to suppress WN ligatures
> UD> (cf. WL fonts at CTAN:fonts/amsfonts/cyr-alt)
> UD> %\ifx\wnlig\undefined \let\wnlig\ligature%\fi
>this happened because in the recent fontinst, the definition of
>\ligature was changed,

No, it wasn't. The default definition of \ligature (which will be in effect
the first time the line below is executed) is the same now as it has always
been: \gobble_three.

>and you need to change the line

Hence the effect of this line has always been to make \wnlig a noop.


This works, because the definition of \Ligature (which is new in the recent
fontinst) is to expand to \ligature, which is what \wnlig was supposed to
do. It is however better to do


or more verbosely


since these follow the pattern of \lc, \uc, \lclig etc.

Lars Hellström

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