[Fontinst] Problem generating OT2 Minion Cyrillic

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Wed Sep 3 11:31:12 CEST 2003

Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> here i was referring to the previously suggested file; now in the
> message i wote there is another approach with an intermediate font,
> you should have a reencoding entry in the map file. btw, you can
> always create the map entries with fontinst, and don't worry about
> them... (see the command \recordtransforms)
>> \installfont{pmnr7k}{pmnrz,cyrillic}{OT2}{OT2}{pmnx}{m}{n}{}
> this should be
> \installrawfont{pmnr7k}{pmnrz,cyrillic}{OT2}{OT2}{pmnx}{m}{n}{}
> Best,
> v.


Great! Everything is working now. I've successfully generated the six
Adobe Minion Cyrillic fonts with lining digits. Additionally I will
try generate the files with oldstyle digits (with virtual fonts).

The nice stuff is that MAP & FD files are correctly generated, see

I will also try to generate the files with T2A encoding ...

Thank you very much and best regards,
Ulrich Dirr

P.S. here is the source
--- minion-cyr.tex -----------------------------------------
\input fontinst.sty
% the next two files and cyrillic.mtx are from the t2 package
\input fnstcorr
\input cyralias

       #1\csname g-#2\expandafter\endcsname
      #1\csname g-#2-not\expandafter\endcsname
%  \else
% error: glyph not set






\input finstmsc.sty
\input pmn-map

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