[Fontinst] Problem generating OT2 Minion Cyrillic

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Tue Sep 2 21:53:38 CEST 2003

"VV" == Vladimir Volovich writes:

 VV> in the file i suggested there's no intermediate font used which
 VV> is reencoded to OT2, so in this case you don't need the entry in
 VV> the map file which reencodes to OT2 (reencoding will be done in
 VV> the VPL font).

here i was referring to the previously suggested file; now in the
message i wote there is another approach with an intermediate font, so
you should have a reencoding entry in the map file. btw, you can
always create the map entries with fontinst, and don't worry about
them... (see the command \recordtransforms)

 VV> \installfont{pmnr7k}{pmnrz,cyrillic}{OT2}{OT2}{pmnx}{m}{n}{}

this should be



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