[Fontinst] Omitting glyph \reencodefont

LarsHellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Sat Apr 5 22:25:17 CEST 2003

At 16.58 +0200 2003-04-05, Marco Kuhlmann wrote:
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>    Hi folks,
>I would like to use fontinst to install Adobe's MinionPro Opticals.  This
>family of fonts comes in OpenType format, so I converted it to pairs of
>PFB/AFM using pfaedit.  The size of the AFMs is *huge* (about 12 MB per
>font), as there is a humongous number of kern pairs.  When I try to
>reencode the fonts to, say, 8r, TeX dies on me with memory exhaustion in
>my normal setup.  (To overcome this, I quintupled the main_memory, and had
>to fiddle with the save size as well.)

Is this during \transformfont or during \installfont? From which parameters
you had to change, I would suspect it is the latter.

>Now my fontinst question: When I look at the mtx files produced from the
>AFMs, I was rather surprised to see all the glyphs not part of 8r to be
>still present as \setrawnoglyphs.

I assume you mean \setscalednotglyph.

>Is there any way of telling fontinst
>not to include glyphs not found in the encoding into the mtx?

You could achieve that by redefining \mtxtomtx_setscaledrawglyph, but it is
not straightforward and anyway I don't think that is your problem. The
problem should be that all the information in these commands get stored in
memory when TeX is building the glyph base, and there is a simple way of
telling fontinst to not do that. Just giving the command


e.g. somewhere before \installfont should do the trick.

Lars Hellström

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