[Fontinst] OpenType and unix/linux and tex

Marco Kuhlmann mk at mcqm.net
Sun Mar 23 23:47:29 CET 2003

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* Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> (2003-03-23 21:26):

> * Can I convert them to type1?

Yes; in the *nix world, you can use pfaedit for that purpose.  The easiest 
way to go probably is to extract two Type 1 fonts (pfaedit produces PFBs 
and AFMs with all the kerning data) for every font shape that you want to 
use: one in Adobe Standard and one in Adobe Expert encoding.  After that, 
you can use the generic fontinst stuff to install these fonts under TeX.  

> * Can I use them directly?

Currently, there is no viable way that I am aware of.  However, Omega is 
considering to adpot OpenType as their standard font format.

> * Can I use them with fontinst directly or via type1 export?

Not directly, but as Type 1 fonts.

> * Can I access all the included glyphs (old style figures, sc, ...)

Yes.  The question is, exactly what you want to use and how much work you 
want to invest.  I am currently working on Adobe's Minion Pro Opticals (32 
fonts), and supporting all its fancy ligatures for example requires quite 
some work.  (For example, there is no TeX font encoding that would provide 
slots for the T_h ligature.)

    - Marco
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