[Fontinst] OpenType and unix/linux and tex

Hilmar Schlegel hschlegel at ubcom.de
Sun Mar 23 22:56:13 CET 2003

Norbert Preining wrote:
> If I have a font in opentype format from
> Adobe, can I use it with TeX? 

Yes & No.
Your best bet is to 
i. convert to Type1
ii. use as usual with fontinst & Tex utils (Dvi-previewer, PS driver)

You *can* access all those characters Tex can make use of.
You could theoretically use the font "directly" if you deal with it like
a printer-resident font with some kind of default encoding (depends on
which encoding your utils see for a system font).
Distiller can embed OT. Your milage may vary for the "direct" path (does
your previewer support OT?, does your PS driver support OT?) and I
suggest to get first a Type1 version of the font program & metrics.

> * Can I convert them to type1?

Seems to be the most practical way first to convert to Type1, Adobe OT
contains essentially T1 font programs. There is an exact conversion of
the outline possible. It would be handy to get at the kern pair data
directly. Ligature info is not essential because it is to be supplied by
fontinst anyway. Any opinions?

> * Can I use them directly?

Does your GUI, previewer, PS driver support them "directly"?

> * Can I use them with fontinst directly or via type1 export?

Should work just fine for Type1 format.

> * Can I access all the included glyphs (old style figures, sc, ...)

If Tex can make use of them.

> Thanks a lot and best wishes

Hope this helps.
I guess the key question is if there is an easy way for everybody or if
there are some nontrivial steps hidden which make you decide it's not
worth the trouble ;-)

Best wishes,
Hilmar Schlegel


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