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Date: March 19,2003.
My name is Mrs.Salamatu Doudou the widow of the Interior Minister Emile Boga Doudou of Cote'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) who was killed in the September 19,2002 mutiny that equally lead to the death of former millitary junta Robert Guei. This you can find on web page 
CNN.com - Ivory Coast Rebel Uprising Spreads 
However,let it not be surprising to you that I am contacting you through this media.Although,I have not gotten any previous correspondence with you.I am personally contacting you out of my desire tosave my late husbands hard earned wealth for a better life for my children following the political change in Cote'Ivoire. 
During the tenure of my late darling, he had planned that immediately he completes his time in office, that we shall leave the shore of Africa to any Western Country to live the rest of our lives as the political/economy of Africa is very unstable for any business investment.He was backing up his plans with some serious accumulation of wealth in ea neibgouring West African Country, Ghana and he had deposited the sum of fiftheen million five hundred thousand United States Dollars before this urgly incidence of September 19, 2002. 
Following his sudden death, I am soliciting your assistance to provide me with a foreign bank account which can be an account with zero credit balance so that I can apply for the transfer of the afore-metioned sum in pretence that you were a foreign partner to my late husband. 
This I will execute using the influence of my late husband in order to give the transaction the ought-most diplomatic coverage that it deserves by incorporating your business name here in Abidjan for easy transfer.Be reminded that this transaction is 100% risk free. 
I hereby agree to compensate you with 15% of the total sum once the fund gets to your account,which will take only fourtheen working days upon receipt of your assistance acceptance confirmation. 
In the same trend, for the security of this transaction, all correspondence should be via email only as my telephone calls are being monitored at the moment as the political situation is still very tense. 
Thank you for your anticipated co-operation while looking forward to your quick response. 
Best regards 
Salamatu Doudou   

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