[Fontinst] latest fixes for fontinst 1.914

LarsHellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Fri Mar 14 11:37:36 CET 2003

At 01.12 +0100 2003-03-13, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>despite Lars' latest experimental fontinst release,
>I'm still using 1.914 as my production environmrnt,
>and I sppose I'm not the only one to do so.

What I would like to know is whether anyone has tested it.
Production use is another matter, and that may well rely on
getting certain tweaking right.

>I have finally collected the fixes I have suggested
>in the last weeks, and I have updated 8r.etx so as to
>reflect the recent additions to the TeXBase1 encoding
>(see the thread "Updated 8r for testing" on the texfonts
>list and <http://tug.org/fontname/8r.enc>).
>In detail:
>  added MacRoman characters; particularly the Omega
>  is useful when making a textcompanion font

That is also in the 8r.etx for v1.924.

>  asterisk is vertically centered in monospaced fonts;
>  improved zdotaccent
>  asterisk is vertically centered in monospaced fonts
>  \textasteriskcentered is always vertically centered

These files were not updated for v1.924, so I suppose Walter's versions
should be taken as the current versions of these.

BTW, has anyone tried using newlatin.mtx?

>The files are available from
>  <http://home.vr-web.de/was/x/fontinst-1.914/>
>Q:  Does it still make sense to take this to CTAN?

I don't see a reason why it should be nonsense, but see to that you don't
replace files that are more recent than you own.

Lars Hellström

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