[Fontinst] latest fixes for fontinst 1.914

Walter Schmidt w-a-schmidt at arcor.de
Thu Mar 13 01:12:29 CET 2003


despite Lars' latest experimental fontinst release, 
I'm still using 1.914 as my production environmrnt,
and I sppose I'm not the only one to do so.

I have finally collected the fixes I have suggested 
in the last weeks, and I have updated 8r.etx so as to
reflect the recent additions to the TeXBase1 encoding 
(see the thread "Updated 8r for testing" on the texfonts
list and <http://tug.org/fontname/8r.enc>).

In detail:

  added MacRoman characters; particularly the Omega 
  is useful when making a textcompanion font

  asterisk is vertically centered in monospaced fonts; 
  improved zdotaccent

  asterisk is vertically centered in monospaced fonts

  \textasteriskcentered is always vertically centered

The files are available from  


Q:  Does it still make sense to take this to CTAN?


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