[Fontinst] \resetint{letterspacing}{}

Peter Harmand harmand at math.uni-oldenburg.de
Tue Mar 4 18:21:10 CET 2003

Dear list,
when letterspacing a small caps font I replace germandbls with two spaced
s's by means of:

% ssls.mtx



% end of ssls.mtx

This works fine unless I do it twice with different values of letterspacing.
In the following fragment 8yls.etx adds letterspacing to interword and
kills the f-ligatures -- you can use 8y.etx for testing.

% begin{fragment}


% end{fragment}

This gives in test100.vpl the correct new space on the boundaries
but the old first space between the two s:

% begin{fragment}
(CHARACTER D 223 (COMMENT germandbls)
   (CHARWD R 1.082)
   (CHARHT R 0.458)
   (CHARDP R 0.012)
      (MOVERIGHT R 0.05)
      (SETCHAR D 115) (COMMENT s)
      (MOVERIGHT R 0.15)
      (SETCHAR D 115) (COMMENT s)
      (MOVERIGHT R 0.05)
% end{fragment}

??? Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance,

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