[Fontinst] How to install math fonts

Marjan Jerman marjan.jerman at fmf.uni-lj.si
Sat Feb 1 17:13:40 CET 2003

This is not entirely true. I've just written my PhD with
Adobe Garamond + Mathkit math fonts (symbols looking
Baskervillish) and it looks marvelous.

I didn't make the zbvpad by myself: one of my friends, who
is a real font expert did. It's true that there are some major
problems with the configuration file mathkit.par. It is also true
that you have to correct many .fd files manually. But some
experience, patience and hard work produced great results.

I would like to use this oportunity to thank Herrn Schmidt
for his new version of xagaramond. The only problem that
appeared was the height of the letter \v{C}. I had to smash
it manually to avoid unaestethic baselineskip.

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