[Fontinst] How to install math fonts.

Walter Schmidt w-a-schmidt at arcor.de
Sat Feb 1 14:10:44 CET 2003

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 11:53:58 +0530, texjana wrote:

>I have installed Adobe Garamond font using fontinst 1.8. This works
>well to typeset text. But to typeset math I need to install math

You are aware that there are no Garamond math fonts?

>I have tried MathInst. But it is not working properly on my

Forget it!  The fonts created by MathInst are very likely 
to be ugly and useless, anyway.  And I doubt that MathInst 
is working properly anywhere, except on the computer where 
it was developed... 

The only ready-math fonts to match Adobe Garamond are the 
Euler fonts.  I suggest to use them via the LaTeX package
eulervm.sty rather than through euler.sty, which is obsolete.  
The Euler fonts are part of any decent TeX system.  The 
eulervm package and the related virtual fonts are available 
from CTAN:fonts/eulervm, unless you have them already, too.  
Please, read the documentation before using the package.


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