[Fontinst] Mantinia

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote@philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 22:43:57 +1100

Thanks Philipp for your terrific help.

> Adrian, so you didn't try omitting the reencoding step?

I haven't tried it yet, no. Having spent three days straight on the 
reencoding version I thought I should do some paid work. But I will 
definitely try it.

>> For anyone on the list who is interested in installing mantinia
>> (the Mac version), here is the adaptation of Alan H's glyph
>> renaming file. Two items have been commented out because they do
>> not process by the reencoding method, using the extended 8r.enc.
>> %\saveglyphas{apple}{Hsmall}
> Actually, if 'apple' is encoded but some other glyphs are not, you
> might still try something like:
> \installfont{manr8t}{manr8m,manr8r,latin}...
>> %\saveglyphas{germadbls}{Ssmall}
> Isn't that simply a typo? That should be:
> \saveglyphas{germandbls}{Ssmall}

I should have suspected, given what you had written earlier. The truth 
is I didn't really care about the small cap glyphs, which---for some 
reason---don't even have a complete alphabet. (And then, also, it's 
astonishing how much one can look at one of these files and still not 
see the typo that's staring you in the face.)

BTW very nice layout on the Font Installation Guide. Not to mention 
terrifically informative.


Adrian Heathcote