[Fontinst] Mantinia

Philipp Lehman lehman@gmx.net
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 10:33:34 +0100

On Tuesday 14 January 2003 07:43, Adrian Heathcote wrote:

Adrian, so you didn't try omitting the reencoding step?

> For anyone on the list who is interested in installing mantinia
> (the Mac version), here is the adaptation of Alan H's glyph
> renaming file. Two items have been commented out because they do
> not process by the reencoding method, using the extended 8r.enc.

> %\saveglyphas{apple}{Hsmall}

Actually, if 'apple' is encoded but some other glyphs are not, you 
might still try something like:


> %\saveglyphas{germadbls}{Ssmall}

Isn't that simply a typo? That should be:


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