[Fontinst] Mantinia

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote@philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 15:48:31 +1100

Thanks Philipp and Lars

With your assistance I have been able to get most of the way. I went 
back to Alan H's manx file which saves glyphs under more appropriate 
names. I then tried to run it in place of my own---thinking that the 
encoding was  not relevant in the way I had initially thought. It was 
processed, except in two places. Substituting in for the fi and fl 
glyphs worked. With that change the file ran and produced (roughly) 
correct output. But not all glyphs are where they should be and so the 
special ligatures

the tall I

are not in the print outs. Other glyphs get substituted. So it looks as 
though the glyphs are not exactly where they are in the Windows 
distribution---which is what Alan used.

So my question is: can I find out by some method---I guess by reverse 
engineering---where these missing glyphs are? I know the key strokes 
that produce them. So, for example, VI is produced by shift-option-v in 
the standard Mac program. But that ought to be slot 215: lozenge. But 
fontinst chokes when I substitute lozenge into the \saveglyphas{}{} 
(first) slot. And when I look at the afm of another font, with Adobe 
Standard Encoding, slot 215 seems not to exist at all.

I'm stumped. Any assistance gratefully accepted.

Adrian Heathcote