[Fontinst] Alternate Help Req.

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote@philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 18:30:18 +1100

Hi all

Just an update on this: I tried pulling down the tfm files padr7t and 
padri7t from Ctan and converted them to .pl files. I fed these into 
fontinst's search path and in no longer indiates that those files are 
missing. But now it indicates that padr8l and padri8l are missing. The 
strange thing is that Alan H. does not mention these files until he 
gives the install file, so there is no indication where these files 
might come from. I'm mystified.

So---any advice still gratefully received.

Adrian H.

On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 05:31  PM, Adrian Heathcote wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm trying to follow Alan Honig's recipe for the installation of the 
> Alternate Garamond glyps---as per pp. 221--6. (The swash figures, > etc.)
> I've reproduced his padalt.mtx and ot1padl.etx and put them where they 
> should be. I've made up an installation file as follows (again 
> following the instructions in the book).
> \input fontinst.sty
> \installfonts
> \installfamily{OT1}{pad}{}
> \installfont{padr7l}
> {padr7t,padr8l,latin,padalt}{ot1padl}{OT1}{pad}{m}{ar}{}
> \installfont{padri7l}
> {padri7t,padri8l,latin,padalt}{ot1padl}{OT1}{pad}{m}{ai}{}
> \endinstallfonts
> \bye
> However, it will not process. I get `No file fontinst.rc.' in the log 
> file.
> Also `I can't find file ``padr7t.mtx'''.
> Nor can I. (I had just done a run of the standard Agaramond, so the 
> current directory had all of the standard mtx and pl files present.)
> My guess is that the version of fontinst that I am using (1.8) has 
> changed something from Alan's day but what has gone wrong I cannot 
> guess.
> Any help *very* gratefully received. This is my first attempt at the 
> 'power user' end of fontinst.
> Thanks in advance
> Adrian Heathcote
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