[Fontinst] "raw" fonts

Rolf Marvin Bøe Lindgren r.m.b.lindgren@usit.uio.no
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 15:53:35 +0100

is it right to assume that if I want to use a glyph that's not part of
the standard encoding schemes, then \latinfamily is not for me?

I've been using fontinst on and off for a couple of years but never
actually grasped the, er, finer stuff of how it works - at least not
when it works with \latinfamily and the standard font naming scheme. (I
have created a russian/icelandic font scheme from scratch, though, a
long time ago).

I get the impression that when using \latinfamily, the tex driver needs
not know of the virtual fonts - it's the raw fonts that are of interest
- they refer to the actual glyphs and the encoding.

but doesn't that mean that if I would like to use one of the "extra"
glyphs of, say, an ornament font, then that's not possible - because the
raw fonts are tied to a standard encoding.  is this right?  

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