bug report

Alexej Kryukov basileia@yandex.ru
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 13:34:14 +0200

Dear developers!

I use fontinst for installing Greek fonts in Latex
(some of them are available from my homepage
on http://www.geocities.com/autokratoria). Currently
I'm experimenting with unicode fonts for Omega.
Omega's .ovp files can be well created with fontinst,
but, of cource, I had to write special .mtx and .etx
files and the job files must be processed with Lambda.

I've found one bug in the current release of fontinst,
which causes a lot of problems when working with
"large fonts". In the definition of \setscalednotglyph
there is a line \x_cs\edef{g-#1} (instead of g-#1-not).
So all glyphs not present in encoding are recognized
as real glyphs and an incorrect .vpl is produced.

Best regards,
Alexej Kryukov