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Subject: Have tax problems? 
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Date: Wed Oct  2 09:08:27 2002

Have tax problems? Do you owe the IRS money? If your debt is
$5,000 US or more, we can help! Our licensed agents can help
you with both past and present tax debt. We have direct contacts
with the IRS, so once your application is processed we can help
you immediately without further delay.<BR><BR>
Also, as our client we can offer you other services and help with
other problems. Our nationally recognized tax attorneys,
paralegals, legal assistants and licensed enrolled agents can
help you with:<BR><BR>
- Tax Preparation<BR>
- Audits<BR>
- Seizures<BR>
- Bank Levies<BR>
- Asset Protection<BR>
- Audit Reconsideration<BR>
- Trust Fund Penalty Defense<BR>
- Penalty Appeals<BR>
- Penalty Abatement<BR>
- Wage Garnishments<BR>
.. and more!<BR><BR>
To receive FREE information on tax help, please fill out the
form below and return it to us. There are no obligations, and
supplied information is kept strictly confidential. Please note
that this offer only applies to US citizens. Application
processing may take up to 10 business days.<BR><BR>
Note: For debt size please also include any penalties or interest<BR><BR><BR>
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Thank you for your time!<BR><BR><BR><BR>
Note: If you wish to receive no further advertisements regarding
this matter or any other, please reply to this e-mail with the
word REMOVE in the subject.