outline-files in map-fragments

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 13:16:25 +0200

At 18.01 +0200 2002-09-28, Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
>\input finstmsc.sty
>% here comes the resetstr command Lars mentioned in his answer.
>% I did not test it, so perhaps its incorrect.

It should be:


>\input 5caxmap.tex
>\input 5caxmap.tex

The reason that command is named \adddriver (and not \usedriver or
something like that) is that it _adds_ a driver to the list of those for
which fragments will be written. \donedrivers sort of clears this list.
Hence that could more efficiently be done as

\input 5caxmap.tex

You only need to \input the map records file 5caxmap.tex several times if
you need to use different parameter (for example of PSfontsuffix) settings
for different drivers.

At 18.41 +0200 2002-09-28, Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
>I just have had an old version. I updated today. Which of the patches
>are still necessary?

I don't think there has been more than one version (v1.914) on CTAN in
which the map file fragments writer was fully implemented, hence you
problably still has the same fontinst.sty. v1.914 patch 4 corrects also
that which patch 2 corrected, so you'll get it right with patches 1, 3, and

Lars Hellström