outline-files in map-fragments

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom@math.umu.se
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 14:20:58 +0200

At 17.16 +0200 2002-09-27, Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
>Hi all,
>i just found out how good the map fragment writer of fontinst
>works. one problem: the entries all rely on .pfa-outlines. is there an
>option to change, or is the map file to be changed?

>From fisource.tex (Subsection 3.4):

  Otherwise the default action is to use the name of the AFM or PL from
  which the metrics was originally taken, and add the file suffix stored
  in the string \texttt{PSfontsuffix}. The default value of this string
  is \texttt{.pfa}, but it can be changed using |\resetstr|.

Lars Hellström