Fontinst v1.914 patch 4 [was: bug in fontinst-prerelease]

Lars Hellström
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 16:11:55 +0200

At 03.04 +0200 2002-09-08, trevelyn wrote:
>Thanks for the patch :) scaling works correctly after the patch.
>btw, where can i find
>patches 1-3? or are those already in the source on ctan?

I'm afraid they aren't on CTAN, but I really should put them there. I hope
to do that Real Soon Now.

In the meantime, these patches can be found in the fontinst mailing list
archives (at Patch 2 is no
longer needed, since \setscalednotglyph is defined in patch 4.

Lars Hellström