Kindly provide me the documentation of Fontinst.sty

Lars Hellström
Sat, 24 Aug 2002 19:13:18 +0200

At 07.50 +0200 2002-08-23, Sanjay Tripathi wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Kindly provide me the step-by-step documentation of this STY.

Step-by-step documentation? The closest thing to that (short of books such
as "The LaTeX Graphics Companion" and "TeX Unbound") is probably the
fontinst manual, which can be found on CTAN in the
fonts/utilities/fontinst/doc/ directory.

>I would like to map the expert font to their regular families.

Presumably you mean "combine with" rather than "map to".

>Please let me know how can I manipulate this.
>And also let me know whether it is possible on Y&Y TeX or not.

What would matter is whether Y&Y TeX supports virtual fonts (.vf files) or
not. I don't know if it does; most modern TeX implementations support
these, but Y&Y has often displayed a certain animosity towards virtual

Lars Hellström