fontinst, sans serifs and (wrong) ligatures

Lars Hellström
Sat, 3 Aug 2002 00:30:31 +0200

At 11.38 +0200 2002-07-31, Till Andreas Heilmann wrote:
>> There are basically two ways of removing the f-ligatures here. One is to
>> make  copies of ot1.etx and t1.etx in which you remove the \ligature
>> commands in \setslot{f} ... \endsetslot, and then use these files instead
>> of the standard ones (change the third arguments of these \installfont
>> commands).
>I tried it (with a modified t1nolig.etx), but no effect (I won't attach a
>sample PDF file).
>I understand your suggestion in principle but don't know if I did
>everything correctly, so I post the according files below.

It certainly looks right to me, with one exception:


You're installing these fonts with series = bold, but it should be series =
medium. That you can do this without getting an error in LaTeX is a sign
that TeX probably isn't using the font you've made, but some other font
with the same name. There are files t1pag.fd and pagk8t.tfm in the standard
PSNFSS bundle, so chances are that you are seeing that font instead.

Checking whether fontinst did what you expected is easy. Look in the VPL
for a line

   (LABEL D 102) (COMMENT f)

If there are no (LIG ...) properties before that and the following (STOP)
then there are no ligatures in the font you generated.

Lars Hellström