Second thought

Lars Hellström
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:46:43 +0200

At 09.56 +0200 2002-06-19, Adrian Heathcote wrote:
>Hi again
>To solve my problem can I simply edit the names of the numerals directly
>in the afm file, before fontinst goes to work on it? (A priori it seems
>like a promising way aheadÖ)

It can allow fontinst to distinguish between different glyphs for the same
character, but it won't change what the glyphs look like. If the `c'
variant of a font has hanging figures that are named `zero', `one', etc.
then changing these names to `zerooldstyle', `oneoldstyle', etc. _and_
loading both the regular variant and the `c' variant of the font into the
same \installfont command would provide fontinst with a set of glyphs from
which one could make a regular variant with hanging figures.

But have a look at the mailing list archives. Your problem is not uncommon
and has been discussed many times.

Lars Hellström