First Attempt

Adrian Heathcote
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:13:23 +0200


with some effort and some help I managed to get fontinst to run on my 
input file. But it did not produce old style figures at all. I think 
Lars' hunch was right and that the figures are actually wrongly named in 
the afm file. They are just one, two, etc. Also the descender and 
ascender height are wrongly set---the first to 0 and the second to the x 
height. I can barely believe the sloppiness of all this!!

At any rate it is clear that old style figures cannot be simply 
installed from (at least some) fonts from the Linotype foundary. The 
only surprise is that they can be used at all.

Has anyone been able to get this to work?

>> Much of what I'm doing is because I have Hoenig's book and have been
>> using it as a tutorial guide---but it came out in '98! Even The 
>> Graphics
>> Companion has several things completely wrong. Do you think Alan would
>> be amenable to suggestions to improve the documentation?
> Dunno. Alan Hoenig has written a book, so I suspect he'd rather make a 
> new
> edition of that than improve on the fontinst manual for free. Rowland
> McDonnell wrote something a while back indicating that he might be 
> willing
> to do another bit of work on the manual, but I haven't heard anything 
> more
> about it.

Sorry, two Alans there. I meant Alan Jeffrey. Is he not interested in 
improving the docs for this.
Cheers fellow sufferers

Adrian Heathcote